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I’m interested in headshots. What do I need to know?

I bring the backdrop that you choose, the lights, and all other equipment. You just need to bring an outfit that works with the backdrop. I typically recommend a neutral color shirt that will stand out from the backdrop.

What is your photography style?

I enjoy and thrive at documentary style photography. I've been training at it for the past thirteen years and am very strong at capturing real moments. While my approach is documentary, I also photograph business portraits and help guide businesses in finding the best images to fit their marketing and advertising strategies.

How did you get into photographing corporate events?

As a photojournalist for several years, I've been asked by a friends and colleagues to shoot events and business headshots. With my training I'm able to handle each and every situation and businesses rely on me for that skill.

What are your business credentials?

Simply Blue Visuals is a division of Simply Blue Studios which is a registered business in the state of Florida. I am an active member in several professional photography organizations and follow the ethical guidelines of such groups as the National Press Photographers Association and the Poynter Institute.

Will Carrie be our photographer?

Yes, I am the lead photographer and am present at all of my shoots. I often times hire a second photographer or video shooter when the need is present. These photographers are trained with similar abilities and will often accent my own shooting.

Do you use a second photographer?

It depends on the event. Often times I bring along an assistant to help with equipment or a second photographer or videographer to help with other angles to the event. I will also use a second photographer or videographer when the shoot is in multiple sites where I need to be at several places at once. I have a network of talented photographers to choose from to help with coverage of all angles of the event. My second shooters are all highly qualified photographers who have professional equipment and are trained at an equal level as me.

My assistant helps with organizing headshots, carrying equipment, helping you with any needs that may arise, and generally making the time go by flawlessly.

Every event is unique and we will make the decision of coverage on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for further information.

Do you travel for corporate events?

Yes. I travel all around the country for these types of assignments. I find it rewarding to work in different settings and to work in all sorts of challenging environments.

Do you include digital negatives?

Yes, the majority of my packages include digital negatives. I shoot all of my events in a raw format, edit, then tone my selected images for galleries and the DVD. I provide two DVDs with a copyright letter allowing personal print privileges for many packages. I also provide a gallery with all of the images for colleagues to order from. Clients can expect to receive their digital negatives within the deadline set for me.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use a pro-line of digital equipment, whether it be from cameras, to lenses, to lighting equipment. This enables me to provide images that can be printed to large sizes and framed inside your office or place of business. I keep up with changing trends in the industry and am able to stay up-to-date with my equipment, and therefore my work.

What type of video do you shoot?

I shoot with DSLR cameras and professional lenses. The quality of the digital files are very high, the cameras are adaptable and the final products are much better. I use professional lighting gear to make my video look the best as well.

What other credentials do you have?

I have taught for both the University of Florida and at the Poynter Institute. At the Unversity of Florida, I've taught students about interactive reporting including basic web design, video editing, and sound editing. At Poynter, I've worked with college students on ethics issues and still consult with the institute to help students around the world with their ethics research papers.

What is the best advice you can offer me?

Hopefully we've covered most of your questions but please ask away if you have any others. Also, take a look around at other websites for companies and if you see anything you'd like to replicate, just point it out to me. I look forward to working with you and making your photography or video experience as smooth as possible!

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